We understand how scary it is to trust somebody with your beloved project. That is why we focus on understanding the individual needs, wishes and requirements of each of our clients and we make great effort to meet these.


We look forward to every new client, their project and ideas. First, we will arrange a meeting where we take enough time to listen to you and your concerns and requirements. We will specifically discuss project content to be able to make a realistic quote for you.


Based on our first meeting, we will prepare a quote. The quotation is structured on the proposed phase of the project and lists its sub-prices. The quote will contain a detailed description of the plans.


During this phase of the project, we will use our skill, experience, and vision to create your design. Your input is a crucial part of this phase, and we will consult with you regularly. During this time we will sketch, create plans and discuss further details with you as they arise. We need to understand your needs, lifestyle and daily routines. This is the time when we choose materials, elements, color schemes, and pattern combinations.


After we will agree with the concept, we will engage in detail planning process. We will provide you with ground plans, visualizations of the project and further detailed documentation.
It may happen that your project will need a building permit or a permit process. We will take care of the required documentation for the authorities as well.


If you choose M2 for the realization of your project, we will be happy to provide the supervision and expertise throughout the final process. We will recommend certified suppliers, solve details together and support you and the craftsmen involved in this exciting final stage.


We take professional photographs for you and M2, that will document the exciting journey we took together and the conclusion of our project.